That I May Know Him: Knowing God By Name


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Released: 2013

Pages: 106

Chapters: 12

ISBN: 978-1-490-37249-5

That I May Know Him: Knowing God By Name


"And those who know thy name will put their trust in Thee, for Thou, O Lord, has not forsaken those who seek Thee." (Psalm 91:10)

"That I may know Him...

It was Paul's greatest desire.

Confusion abounds in today's society, even in the heart of the sincerest Christians. So many know about God, but they don't truly know Him. This results in the questioning of His goodness, love, faithfulness, and trustworthiness.

Do you want to know your God?

  Who He truly is?

    His character?

      His attributes?

        His ways?

To know the name of God is to know God Himself. Study with me twelves names of God and come to know Him in a fantastic new way. Learn who He is, who you are in relation to Him, and how to rely on Him as your God and your strength.

God knows you by name, now you can...

Know God By Name

Perfect for Individual and Group Study!

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