A Woman's Walk Through Hebrews


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Released: 2012

Pages: 142

Chapters: 13

ISBN: 978-1-105-83851-4

A Woman's Walk Through Hebrews


Are you hoping for something better?

Are you tired of a ritual faith and superficial spirituality?

Do you feel restless and donít know why?

Are you lonely and longing for companionship?

Do you need to find peace?

Are you trusting in someone or something that doesnít meet your expectations or hold during the storms of life?

For thirteen weeks, this in-depth study of Hebrews reveals how to respond Biblically to these feelings.

You will also discover:

  • the faithfulness of God and the endurance of His unshakable kingdom.
  • who Jesus is and what His role has been since His resurrection.
  • the superiority of the new covenant over the old.
  • the definition of genuine faith and what it looks like in practice.
  • how to conquer temptation and pursue spiritual maturity.
  • why itís important to love others and be an encouragement.
  • the importance of the community of believers and living in peace with others.

Perfect for Individual and Group Study!

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